Farm machinery torched in suspected arson attack


Farm machinery is believed by police to have been the target of an ‘arson attack’ in Rippingale.

The incident is said to have happened just before midday on Wednesday when an unknown intruder entered the grian store on a farm on Middle Street, Rippingale.

PCSO Sandra Brommell from the local policing team said: “Some type of accelerant has then been poured onto the tyres of a John Deere ‘telehandler’. The accelerant has then been ignited.”

Fire crews from Bourne and Billingborough were called to the blaze.

Firefighters equipped with breathing apparatus used hoses to extinguish the flames.

No-one was injured, but if you have any information about this, call 101 quoting incident 145 of April 24 or cal Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.