Give us back our old post box - Ewerby villagers’ anger at vintage mail box allegedly ‘too damaged’ to be reinstalled

The old post box at Ewerby before removal. Residents currently have to travel to the next village to post a letter. EMN-190917-113236001
The old post box at Ewerby before removal. Residents currently have to travel to the next village to post a letter. EMN-190917-113236001

Parish councillors feel they are being fobbed off by Royal Mail bosses after their only village post box was removed with no answer to if or when it might be replaced.

Ewerby parish council has even written to the mail company’s chief executive expressing villagers’ frustration - with no effect.

Council chairman Michael Scott explained: “It is a total fiasco. They have taken our box away and there is no sign of us getting a new post box as yet.”

The King George VI dated post box was sited in a brick pillar outside 90 Main Street in Ewerby since the late 1960s when the post office was opened by Doris Eaton. She retired after 25 years and the post office closed but the box continued in use until her death last year and the new owners of her home requested it be moved.

A parish councillor contacted Royal Mail depot managers appealing for it to be saved and relocated as it had been in use for over 70 years and was of historical significance to villagers. However, a new pedestal box is said to have been ordered for installation when a suitable site is agreed and the old box was taken away on August 19 with no new box in sight.

Coun Scott explained: “A modern lamp/pedestal post box would be completely out of character with the setting of our village.”

He said: “One of our councillors was there when the contractors took the old box down and they were very careful with it and were going to put it into storage in Nottingham.

“Then we got a letter from Royal Mail saying the old box was ‘damaged beyond repair’ in the process of taking it away. It seems someone is trying to get us off their backs.”

He said that according to Historic England and Royal Mail, a post box of historic interest should be reinstated within the same locality if removed from its original site when practicable.

Coun Scott said: “We are full of hope we will get a post box back but no idea when. Royal Mail had proposed to place it nearly opposite the busy main T-junction where cars are parked most of the time and large grain lorries pass by. No-one had approached us to ask where it would be best placed.

“I think we have been successful in stopping them putting it there and North Kesteven District Council have said they are happy to site it on land in front of their bungalows.”

Local district councillor Mervyn Head added: “Royal Mail have not followed their own procedure for consultation. It is disgraceful.”

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “I can confirm that we were asked to remove the box from private land, which we are obliged to do. The box in Ewerby was sited in a brick pillar that was leaning dangerously. As we do not repair postboxes sited in brick pillars, it had to be removed.

“Unfortunately during this process, the box front broke on removal. It will be replaced with a free standing pedestal box. We are presently working with the parish council to locate a suitable, alternative location for the new box.”