Sleaford residents to vote on parking permit schemes

Castle Street, one of the Sleaford town centre streets earmarked for a residents' parking permit scheme. EMN-180515-130837001
Castle Street, one of the Sleaford town centre streets earmarked for a residents' parking permit scheme. EMN-180515-130837001

The district council is to ballot householders in areas of Sleaford on whether to enforce resident only parking permit schemes.

Sleaford’s first Resident Parking Scheme, on Duke Street, came into force in May and North Kesteven District Council officers have reported no issues reported or complaints with the scheme.

Further research has been done since and the council’s executive board agreed last week to ballot residents in five more areas of Sleaford for more schemes.

Work is also currently being carried out by officers looking at an off-street and on-street parking strategy within Sleaford town centre, focussing on any issues that may arise as a result of any proposals. This will inform future permit schemes to make sure they do not merely displace parking to other streets.

Alpha Parking consultants have been looking into two areas where there has previously been a reasonable level of residents’ support for such schemes.

The first area is Albion Terrace, Boston Road, New Street, Handley Street and surrounding roads.

According to the report to councillors, the consultants conclude that there is sufficient space to introduce parking bays within those roads to cater for residents. The existing limited waiting time bay in Handley Street could be retained, but also allowing residents to use that bay without time limit. Suggested new bays at the western end of Handley Street could also be dual use.

A second area of Leicester Street, Playhouse Yard, the West Banks area and surrounding roads was seen as unworkable, but Alpha Parking’s consultants were approached by residents of Castle Terrace Street and Castle Street who were very keen for a parking scheme, complaining about the number of vehicles from nearby businesses parking in the street during the day, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for residents to park there.

As a result, resident parking schemes are proposed for Thomas Street, Castle Street, Castle Terrace Road and King John Street as individual street schemes.

Detailed proposed parking schemes will be drawn up in conjunction with Lincolnshire County Council Highways and formal ballots undertaken on whether each of the five individual schemes should go ahead. Each scheme would cost about £3,000 to implement.

Grantham Road area residents have undertaken a survey to identify the level of support for a RPS and a viability study will be carried out by consultants. Residents have been advised to do surveys on The Drove and Bishop’s Court.