Renovation gives hall new lease of life after 25 years

Ruskington village hall. EMN-190121-104459001
Ruskington village hall. EMN-190121-104459001

As a village hall marks its 25th anniversary with the completion of a series of improvements and renovations, it is looking for people to come forward and fill key positions on its management committee.

Ruskington Village Hall opened in 1994 on Parkfield Road, and is due to lose its treasurer and internet officer after the present committee successfully oversaw £5,000 of work and upgrades over the last 18 months.

Since August 2017 a new, positive and proactive committee has seen improvements to the hall including: making emergency lighting fit for purpose, tidying the garden outside and replacing missing roof tiles.

Chairman Alwyn Kirk added there had been doubts about the very future of the hall but there was a positive response to appeals for support from the community at the AGM two years ago.

Other safety measures such as fire extinguishers and the elctrical system have been updated and tested, new fans installed and the aging fluorescent lights replaced with low-energy LED lighting panels. Automatic sensors were also fitted in the toilets and a defibrillator installed outside.

Mr Kirk said this ensures the hall can continue to be used as a public building. He added: “We also had a break-in in November 2017 which caused a bit of mess which has needed to be put right and security tightened and we have bought 15 new chairs to meet demand. We have had the carpets renovated and the kitchen refurbished, a leaky water heater replaced, a new vacuum cleaner purchased and a requested a larger capacity black bin.”

They have also tidied up storage rooms, resulting in the defunct bar area being freed up to accommodate the Sleaford Model Railway Club, allowing provision of a secure area for the Parish Council`s CCTV equipment, and an office for the committee.

The clear out also opened up storage space for equipment for the many clubs that use the hall including judo, bingo, bowls, Slimming World, Rainbows and Ruskington Rascals preschool. Internal display boards for user groups have also been fitted, The hall now has guest wifi and a website for function hire.

The AGM of the Village Hall Management Committee will be on April 12 at 6.30pm in the Village Hall. Any interested people should go along, when the committee hopes to find a new Treasurer and someone with skills to act as Internet Officer.