Piratical drama at the theatre - review

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-161214-162102001

A surprisingly quiet first night for Sleaford Little Theatre’s winter production of Treasure Island, converted from Robert Louis Stephenson’s classic novel by Bryony Lavery.

Although the audience may have been small it looked like the cast had a lot of fun putting together their steampunk inspired pirate costumes and the revolving, multi-function set was a master-stroke.

The epic tale begins in the Admiral Benbow Inn where SLT stalwart Mary Rudkin provided the comedy as Grandma Hawkins, a great foil for the unquestionable star of the show, Molly Inkpin as tomboy ‘Jim’ Hawkins. He, or she - short for Jemima, as we eventually establish, is sucked into a life as cabin boy on the ocean wave seeking treasure with a secret map from inn visitor Bill Bones (Nigel Guilliatt).

Hayley Goymer was another cross-dresser as dashing Doctor Livesey - as keen to wield a sword and pistol as a scalpel. The pirates were a motley crew out-witted by Jim on the island with help from mad Ben Gunn, played by Callum Thursby, with an amusing obsession for cheese.

Admittedly there were first night nerves regarding lines but a grand effort. - By AH